Feel zen like in the middle of Tokyo at Sahsya Kanetanaka


Tokyo is an amazing city there is so many places to go and eat. I found that the Japanese are the best at having restaurants which excel in one or two dishes. We went to dinner at a tempura bar one night specialising at making tempura using a lot of ingredients, don’t worry I will put together a little guide to the places I went to visit in another blog post. However this restaurant where we had lunch was one of those places you go to not feel like you are in the middle of one of the major cities in the world.
On the 2nd floor of a modern building which was quite hard to find, you are transported into a little peaceful corner in amongst the hustle and bustle. There is a beautiful little manicured garden just outside a floor to ceiling window. Where large bamboo plants cast shadows into the restaurant behind a row of granite rocks sitting on some beautifully manicured grass. Sahsya Kanetanaka is a simple space with one long table in the middle with an elevated bar at the back of the long room. Light wood and white furnishings make this space calming and doesn’t let anything distract from the food or the garden outside. Simply being in the space I knew that I was in for a good lunch, everything was beautiful, clean, and well presented, how can the food be any different? All these elements created the perfect calm little spot to sit and have lunch. There are several different menus to choose from all displaying fresh, simple ingredients cooked perfectly and plated simply on naturally textured plates. The staff don’t speak much english but that didn’t effect the overall experience of eating there as the menu is translated. Upon reflection the interior of the restaurant works hand in hand with the food, precise, simple, and beautifully good. A great little find if you are ever in Tokyo.
There is nothing more for me to say other then to show you what I mean:
Stew of bamboo shoots and seaweed / Milt of cod with green onion and citrus sauce
Salty custard and froie gras pudding with grilled foie gras
Sashimi of tuna with yolk sauce / sea cream with citrus sauce, pickled turnip / yellowtail with green onion and citrus sauce.
Grilled mango-beef with mustard sauce / Grilled minnow with leaf bud and fried aralia sprout / mixed stew of sea bream, yellowtail, egg, bamboo shoots, chicken, chicken dumpling, chinese cabbage and shiitake mushroom.
Rice seasoned bamboo shoots / Stew of mizuna leaf and tofu skin / pickled cabbage
Rice cake stuffed strawberry and red bean paste
I love places which transport you outside of a big city into a calming space. This place isn’t the cheapest place to eat in Tokyo but it is a unique experience and I would go back in a heartbeat to see what is on their menu.
For more information about Sahsya Kanetanaka check out this website and book yourself a table.