Much needed injection of sunshine and happiness served at The Shed


Now that the weather is getting to be a lot nicer even though we have major threats of rain daily, I have the perfect summery feel of a place where you don’t need to necessarily sit outside to enjoy a summery feeling, this is a great shed of a place.
‘The Shed’ is the first opening of the Gladwin brothers in London and after reviewing their King’s Road restaurant ‘Rabbit’ I couldn’t wait to have an excuse to check this one out. This blog post is from a while ago but I think that a place like this is perfectly shared when you need somewhere to pick up your spirits, and take a break from reality and the rain. Let’s face it we need it right now with current events, without all our hopes to pinned on Murray winning Wimbledon.
We went when the weather was a lot colder, but from the moment I spotted the restaurant I had a huge smile on my face, a little shed like structure just off Notting Hill Gate, very easily walked past (which we did). There is a little outdoor sitting area if the weather is nice, however the main dining room is intimate, colourful and playful with large oil drums as tables, bench seating with colourful fabrics with rustic touches all over. Matched with friendly servers who are extremely knowledgeable about the menu and where everything is sourced from, that lifted my spirits even more.
Just like ‘Rabbit’ the menu here is seasonal and they encourage sharing, which we embraced. Starting with scallops complete with the roe, lots of people don’t eat this part of the scallop but it is extremely tasty i’m glad that they kept it on this dish. So good that we all couldn’t wait to dig in and we ordered more then one.
Crispy skinned gurnard with mussels with a creamy sauce, the quality of the ingredients totally shined through on this dish, amazing!
Homemade black pudding with pickled vegetables was a controversial choice. I was a little worried about this dish too as i’m not the best with dense black pudding but judging from the dishes we already had I need not have worried. This was light and fluffy and beautifully made, the richness which was cut through by the pickles.
Lamb chips with harissa – I swear I had a dream about a massive chip made of meat once, my dreams came true!
Cabbage and mushrooms as a side, you need to have your vegetables.
Leek hearts with truffle and some crispy leeks, you might think it is a little bit of an odd dish but it was extremely good.
Two lots of Pork belly with chicory, tender and soft with some naughty crackling.
We went to ‘The Shed’ for a birthday celebration and when booking I mentioned this to the staff. We ordered desserts and we got an extra… ‘The Shed’ staff gathered around our table and sung Happy Birthday (a little out of tune) complete with a horn and they put a candle in a portion of their Viennetta which was light and fluffy, how nice? We kind of over ordered on their signature honeycomb and chocolate dessert which is basically a freshly made ‘Crunchie’ bar. Warning they are sweet but good, wish I had a big bowl of vanilla ice cream to crush them into.
So if you need a break from anything at the moment …not mentioning anything in particular, dip into this place and have sunshine on your table. I mean we need more places like this which simply puts a smile on your face, go try it!
Have you been to ‘The Shed’ before? Do you have any places like this which put a smile on your face no matter what is going on? Share it with me below.
For more information about The Shed check out their website.