Stick on Nail art


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I love creating nail art and I enjoy using different techniques however I have previously thought stick on or transfer nail art as ‘cheating’. I favoured doing simple nail art using just nail varnish and brushes or dotting tools until one day I got sent a roll of nail tape.
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A little roll of metallic pink nail tape was sent to me and I was hooked. I never imagined the amount of designs and fun you can have just having this little roll of handy tape. I got stuck in with a simple geometric design using a glittery background from Formula X. The tape is narrow and very easy to use on your nails as it is not overly sticky. I used the tape as a outline for a random geometric pattern and painted in-between using contrasting colours, then when you peel off the tape it exposes the base colour and a clean line.
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You can even use this pretty tape just by sticking it on your nail and putting clear nail varnish on top. Nail tape comes in loads of different colours and patterns, I have recently bought lots of metallic ones. Just have a look on Ebay if you want to find cheap alternatives.
I was also given lots of nail stickers. I find that combining these stickers with easy finishes such as gradient glitter or using nail tape to create simple lines or geometric patterns to compliment your nail stickers make them not seem like they are just stuck on to your nail.
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If you are using a glitter background I recommend using OPI Glitter Off Natural Nail Base Coat. It is a base coat which allows you to peal off your manicure instead of struggling with nail varnish remover or soaking your nails to get the glitter off. It is super easy and definitely worth it, so if you come across it then definitely pick up a bottle.
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Try anything and everything, just be creative, that is how I get some of my best ideas. Nails are easily changed and if it doesn’t work then try again. I realise that stickers and tape can’t be reused but you just have to be brave and just shop around for the best deals and the most amount of stickers to play with then you won’t be scared to run out. Don’t be precious over the stickers, you can always get more.
Little projects which can help you be creative can make your day happier so spend a little time to get one or two new tools and the world if your oyster, if your project doesn’t work then no one will know.
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