The Stable gallops into London with a free pizza night


What is better then pizza? When it’s free and bonus when it’s uber tasty. This became a reality the other week thanks to “The Stable” in Whitechapel which provided Londoners with a free pizza when they purchased a drink. The problem is when you are in a capital city and you mention the word ‘free’ you are going to get the biggest turn out ever! I was so lucky my lovely friend got to The Stable early on Wednesday night and got our place in the over 300 strong queue which formed outside of this newly opened pizza joint on Whitechapel Road. Luckily the team at ‘The Stable’ were all well prepared for a large turn out and we entered in an orderly fashion and seated in the restaurant.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_1The space has a great industrial feel to it, loads of light thanks to large sky lights and plenty of space. Plus there is also space for live bands which they have from time to time.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_3I couldn’t help but notice the cute little touches of in house designed graphics dotted here and there, from the artwork on the walls, the menus, and even the shirts that the staff wear. Every detail has been lovingly created to fit in with ‘The Stable’ philosophy.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_2If you didn’t know ‘The Stable’ concept was born in Dorset, they aim to bring the best that the South West of England has to offer in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone loves pizzas, pies and cider no? I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love at least 2 of that line up. With lots of restaurants around the UK  already it was only a matter of time for them to come to the capital city, and i’m glad that they did.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_7 We sat down excited to eat, but before we ordered I ventured to the bar to get us a pint of cider each. There is are a considerable number of ciders on offer, upon approaching the bar I was a little overwhelmed. I opted for the Ashridge elderflower cider and I asked the friendly staff to recommend my friend a dry cider which they happily obliged. I guess if it wasn’t such a busy night I would have been more inquisitive about the ciders on offer, maybe for another return visit.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_4 When our pizzas came my face hurt from smiling just looking at them. We tactically went for two very different pizzas so we could try each others. I chose the King crabber, which is west Country crabmeat with chilli, garlic and lemon finished with creme fraiche, lemon and parsley. I was a little sceptical about a crab pizza but when I tasted it, wow was I converted.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_10 Tasty fresh crab with a hint of chilli, just like crab on toast but with cheese. Surprisingly filling but extremely delicious.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_14 My companion went for the Longhorn Jim which was a meat feast! Marinated Longhorn ground beef, chorizo, topped with air dried pork loin topped with vegetables. A great tasting pizza, I couldn’t complain, definitely one for the boys with the amount of meat.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_11 The base of the pizzas were thin and crispy, served on a chopping board with your very own handy pizza cutter. So that you can simply cut your pizza up into manageable pieces to enjoy without having to eat with a knife and fork.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_12 Any pizza joint which has a good chilli oil on the table is good in my books, although in my opinion the chilli oil could have done with a bit more of a kick but I am also told that my chilli tolerance has gone up in recent.
Littlelaws_The_Stable_15 I love the detail which The Stable has gone to in order to create a great dining experience and no detail is too small. They love shouting about where their ingredients come from and the great thing is no matter which Stable you go to around the UK the menu differs slightly due to local ingredients which makes “The Stable” not just your average pizza chain. I can’t wait to go back and try a pie and maybe some more ciders… but until then make sure you gallop down to these stables with a bunch of mates.

Keep an eye on The Stable Facebook page as they have live music from time to time, making it a great place to hang out, anywhere which offers me great food, atmosphere and live music is alright in my mind. Maybe another visit in another city is in order… watch this space.

For more information about the stable check out their website and follow them on Facebook for more events.