Sponge Nail Art


When I first started doing nail art I always thought that doing a gradient or ombre nail art design is extremely complicated and I would never be able to do it. But I after watching several tutorials online to my surprise the only thing that you need is a simple make up sponge. This little tool can make the most complicated designs extremely simple and you can easily get your hands on a whole big bag of them from your local pound shop or pharmacy. So to get your creative juices flowing I am going to share some examples I have done using this simple tool: From simple to galaxy nails these little sponges can change your nail art spectrum, but just be sure to watch out as you can easily get excess polish on your fingers so you might need some nail varnish remover and some cotton buds handy to do some clean up work.
Littlelaws_Nail art 2
A nude base with a vibrant gradient colour always looks great, this is a really simple way to start using the sponge, just use different shades of a colour and build it up along the edge of the nail. Be sure to wait for the base colour to dry before you start to sponge as it can leave some texture behind and definitely don’t forget to use a top coat as it blends the colours together nicely.
Littlelaws_Nail art 5
Simple metallic tips look great too, don’t forget to try and use the sponge with glitter as it does work really well.
Littlelaws_Nail art 6
Littlelaws_Nail art 12
Try layering several colours on top of each other and then working on top of them with stickers, simple nail art designs and / or some glitter. It just makes the nail art design that much more special and professional.
Littlelaws_Nail art 8
Galaxy nail art is one of my favourite nail art designs and it is so easy to do especially when using the sponge. It looks great and goes with loads of outfits, plus you don’t have to be precise to make it look good. Definitely give them a go first if you don’t know what kind of design to go for I always do a galaxy nail when I am stuck for ideas for my nails.
Littlelaws_Nail art 1If you want to try something a little more complicated then try playing around with other things such as nail tape and sponging several colours on top of each other on top of a nail tape design is very effective. Even if you do a simple grid pattern nail tape and sponge on one colour it is an extremely easy yet beautiful design. It looks impressive as well.
Littlelaws_Nail art 10
Littlelaws_Nail art 11
Don’t try and do complicated sponge nail art first, get used to using the sponge on the ends of your nails first and visualising what you want them to look like. Then you can confidently do more and more complicated designs. At the end of the day it’s all just for fun and you can always wipe your nails off and start again. I have days when I can’t think of anything to do with my nails and I keep trying different things until I get it right. In my nail art daze my go to design now is to grab a sponge and create a gradient glitter nail art design, it always looks great. Have a go with a make up sponge and unlock a world of nail art possibilities, please post your nail art designs below or on our Facebook or Twitter page and show us what you tried with a make up sponge, follow us on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more nail art designs.