Serpentine Summer Pavilion 2015


Every year the Serpentine summer pavilion is top on my things to do when summer appears in London, I love not knowing what kind of structure I’m going to find sitting on the lawn outside the Serpentine gallery. This year was a pleasant surprise to me, Selgas Canos well known in Spain for their architecture were chosen to produce the summer pavilion as the Serpentine celebrate their 15th anniversary of pavilion commissions.
Dubbed by critics as the “clown sleeve” this structure is the most colourful and fun pavilion I have seen. The iridescent plastic material used on parts of the exterior reflects the sun on the inside. To me it is like a kid’s bedroom, there are things to see in every corner of the space. The Serpentine pavilion looks like it has been dreamed up by a child with a lot of playfulness to it and it definitely brought a smile to everyone’s face when they saw it for the first time, including mine.
I love the patterns that the light shining on the walls of the pavilion create from the strands of colour on the outside frame. The reflections on the floor remind me somewhat of stained glass windows.
Unlike pavilions previously where the architects have always wanted the structure to bring the surroundings into the space or the structure to blend into the park around it this pavilion definitely stands out and is completely alien to its surroundings.
Slegas Canos’s inspiration came from the way that people moved through London, notably the Underground with it’s multilayered and chaotic flow. I think that they have achieved this but in their own fun way, if you look at their previous commissions they use colour in a bold and fun way, distinguishing their aesthetic from everyone else.
In my opinion what is there not to like about this year’s pavilion? There is colour, iridescent material (which is so on trend), interesting shapes, and just pure fun, which let’s face it is what everyone needs. I loved that this space made everyone who entered feel like a little bit of a kid and simply bought happiness to everyone who entered it and that’s not just because there is a Fortnum and Mason ice cream vendor inside.
I think that this will be one of the more memorable pavilions in years to come purely because it either makes you smile or you have a strong opinion about it, either way no one can deny it make for some incredible photo opportunities.
Get down to the Serpentine to see for yourself it is open until the 18th October, for more information visit the Serpentine website.
What do you think of this year’s pavilion? Do you love it or hate it?