See’s Candies Valentine’s Day Products – Hong Kong


Valentine’s Day is round the corner (hint hint to all your guys out there) and with January out of the way February is a time to let your hair down a little bit from the diet and regiment to get rid of the Christmas weight. I always find buying that Valentine’s Day present a bit of a head scratcher but in my eyes you can’t go wrong with flowers or chocolates, take it from me – I have worked with a lot of girls and you can’t go wrong with these good ol faithful signs of love. So if you have your eye on some sweet treats for your sweet then let me help you look no further.

Littlelaws_Sees_Candies_1 I have been eating See’s Candies since I was young and my love affair with the brand started with a simple milk chocolate ‘bordeaux’ chocolate – if you haven’t tried one then I suggest you go and get yourself a milk and a dark chocolate one and sit down with a coffee. These specific chocolates are covered in sprinkles and filled with a rich fudge centre. I have since changed my taste but they do remain nostalgic to me and I find myself always having to grab one every so often. But to receive these chocolates in a heart shaped box for Valentine’s Day will make these chocolates taste even better. Littlelaws_Sees_Candies_2See’s Candies have a great selection of boxes for Valentine’s day, from big to the small simply for that special person or people in your life – let’s face it Valentine’s day is for love and I feel that everyone has a lot of love to go around. The two more classic boxes are the red satin heart alb box and the tuxedo heart 1lb box. In my opinion this box is a good size, big enough for you both to share and with other people.

Littlelaws_Sees_candies_7Heart shaped boxes come in different sizes and can be filled with a mixture of chocolates or filled with whatever your heart desires. I love this cute little 8 oz box of chocolate perfect for a little something from the heart and just the right amount of chocolate if you are like me and trying to watch the chocolate intake (if I get a bigger box I am not 100% that I’ll share it – BAD!). But if these two aren’t big enough then the 1 lb 6 oz box is the one that you want. Available in different finishes you can choose which one suits your partner best. My favourite is the satin finish box which comes in 2 different colours complete with a big bow.Littlelaws_Sees_candies_9If you want to get something small and sweet then don’t underestimate a little packet of solid milk chocolate hearts, perfect to share with your sweet on the sofa for a night in. Or if you are having a get together with your girlfriends and want to share the love around. One of my most memorable Valentine’s Days was with a load of my best girl friends who came round for food, wine and lots of giggles. I can highly recommend that if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, simply spend it with people who you love.

Littlelaws_Sees_Candies_4If your loved one /ones are watching their sugar intake then See’s Candies caters for that too. The sugar free dark chocolate walnuts and almonds are my favourite and trust me they don’t taste like they don’t have any sugar in it, a tasty treat without more of the guilt. Complete with a little Valentine’s day packaging on the outside they are a great gift on Valentine’s Day, and perfect for that girlie get together as well.

Littlelaws_Sees_Candies_3These sleeves are easily added to other gift boxes they have at See’s Candies, like a box full of different flavoured lollipops which are easily shared out in the office with everyone.

Littlelaws_Sees_candies_5Just remember that Valentine’s Day is all about love, no matter whether you spend it with the one you love or people you love. So don’t just think about giving a present to your significant other but spread the love to others. So don’t be upset about a holiday which is catered around love because it comes in lots of different forms not and it can be shown in lots of different way. Look forward to Valentine’s Day and spread the love as much as you can, because let’s face it there is never enough love in the world.


What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Have you ever had See’s Candies before? What is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.
For more information about See’s Candies in Hong Kong please check out their website. There is a coupon on there at the moment for $5 off any purchase over $30 so get downloading the coupon! (only available in shops and in Hong Kong). Thank you to See’s Candies Hong Kong for letting me take photos at their store for this blog post, all photos taken at See’s Candies in Landmark HK.

Prices: (all in Hong Kong Dollars)

  • 1 lb Satin heart / Tuxedo heart – $498
  • 8 oz classic red heart – $288
  • 1 lb 6 oz satin heart – $888
  • 298g sugar free box dark walnuts / almonds – $398

For more price information please visit your nearest store only available in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and United States. Check out the See’s Candies website.