San Francisco Haul – 2015


There are lots and lots of American products and brands which we don’t get here in the UK or the price here at home is way more then in the US. America produce lots of different amazing products and I would love to share what I bought back from San Francisco and other brands I discovered while I was out there and fell instantly in love with:

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  • Johnny Was – I happily discovered this label in Stanford shopping centre seeing their beautiful scarves hung from the ceiling of their shop which attracted us into the store. Johnny Was has a unique American boho aesthetic which I think is way more modern and wearable then other boho brands I’ve seen. I love the beautiful scarves which can be worn in inventive ways which we were happily taught, and embroidered clothes with beautifully bright colours. Johnny Was is a Los Angeles based brand and what I could see everything was made in the US, which I loved. Even if your everyday style isn’t boho go in and have a try as they do a lot silhouettes which are simply and more structured. Although quite pricey, you get what you pay for when it comes to embroidery and unfortunately it does come at a high price, you might just want to buy one or two investment pieces. Visit Johnny Was on their website and follow them on instagram for some boho inspiration.
  • Splendid – I didn’t end up buying anything from this easy wearing clothing company which started as a quest to produce the perfect t-shirt but I was impressed by their store and products. It reminds me of “Gap” easy wearing style but without everyone else on the high street having the same thing as you. Although the only down side is that it is quite pricey, the jersey is weighty and the fit is good and comfortable, you can feel where your money has gone but is that enough to justify the price? That is my opinion so just check out the Splendid website to make up your own mind.
  • Charlotte Russe – A fun fast fashion chain with on trend pieces at affordable prices. What surprised me is that a vast number of the pieces in store are made in the US, unlike our UK high street counterparts where there is not a lot made in the UK due to price. I bought a great little pair of printed shorts perfect for everyday wear with a little crochet trim on the hem, a neon long cami with side slits which looks great with white jeans and a lace panelled knitted kimono style cardigan which is made in the US. Each piece was less then $22, there were loads of promotions in store and online and Charlotte Russe proves to be a fun destination to shop. Although the store I went to was a little disorientated and the rails are overly packed with clothes which made it a little hard to shop, the assistants were really helpful and the shop environment was comfortable. Check out the Charlotte Russe website and follow them on instagram for new looks and style inspiration daily.
  • Wild fox – If you haven’t heard of Wildfox then you’ve not been following your favourite celebs on the daily mail website, a favourite off-duty label for the famous in LA it is famous for it’s easy wearing slogan tees and sweaters. I bought a cute peached cotton long sleeve sweater with a “Rose all Day” slogan on it. The price of Wildfox has put me off in the past however with a Neiman Marcus sale I was happy to indulge myself and finally own my very own Wildfox piece. Check out the Wildfox website here.

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  • Lulu Lemon – One of my favourite sportswear lines since I was given my first Lulu Lemon pieces a couple of years ago. So you can imagine how keen I was to go to a Lulu Lemon store, however I went to several. Each time I went into a store I saw different products. Lulu Lemon has expanded their products from when they started and I was happy to see that the fabric, design and colours are all fun and perfect for the gym. I would recommend that you try on everything that you like as you’ll be surprised what looks good and what fits on you, I especially love my new sports bras which are so comfortable and so cute with the multi straps. I also love the anti stink fabric which my purple came top is made out of, what would you want more then a top which helps with the levels of how much you stink at the gym? Love! The work out trousers from Lulu Lemon in my opinion are great, I have a pair which my Auntie bought me a while ago and I have washed them loads of times and the pattern on them hasn’t faded, the fabric is still well elasticated and I still love them, so of course I bought a new pair. I also got my first ever Lulu Lemon gym bag after my trusty Adidas one finally gave in, so far using it I love it. The pattern is so fun, the neon straps and it comes with a handy bag inside for you to put your dirty work out clothes in and loads of handy pockets including one for your water bottle and phone. Everything on this bag is thoroughly thought out, as is every product in store. Even though Lulu Lemon is a great brand it is not the cheapest of brands, but sometimes they put things on sale in store and on the website too so definitely check out the Lulu Lemon website for some good work out gear inspiration and deals. What is better then feeling good at the gym right?
  • Calvin Klein performance – When we went to Macy’s there were plenty of amazing offers and this included Calvin Klein performance wear, I couldn’t resist this cute pair of patterned work out trousers. I haven’t used them intensively yet but I will keep you updated to whether they stand the test of time.
  • Nike – I love Nike, their bold colour combinations and their designs are totally me. I have never been thin enough to look good in Nike boldly coloured and printed work out gear as I personally feel they cut the clothes a little small, but this time I bit the bullet and tried on a pair and it fit! I bought these black and white Nike print work out bottoms with engineered elastic around the waist which are amazingly comfortable and fun to wear at the gym. I also got a new pair of free run trainers which I swear by now as when I work out the sole of the trainers are engineered to move with my feet and they are perfect for working out in the gym. This pair is my 4th pair and my most colourful, I love the gradient colours and they were the same price as a normal pair of nike free runs. My advice is to always check on the Nike website and see what they have before you go into store, if they don’t have what you want you can easily order what you saw online from the staff and their trusty iPads with free delivery, be aware that Nike in the US has different stock to here in the UK. If you wanted to recreate something that you saw you can always Nike I-D whatever you want, just simply check out

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  • Zella – Exclusive to Norstrom, Zella is a completely new discovery for me. It is not overly expensive for good quality sports clothes, the fabric is good and the design is simple. I bought a pair of panelled long work out trousers which are extremely comfortable, I did try on loads of the printed crop trousers when shopping in Nordstrom and they were great too I found that the cut drastically changed from style to style so try everything on. I’ll let you all know whether this pair of Zella trousers last for a long time, for more information on Zella visit their website.

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  • Formula X – My current favourite nail varnish due to the choice of different glitters, the choice of colours, long lasting formula and I love the packaging. The new “Infinite Ombre” kit was high on my list of things to buy, in this kit you get 5 nail varnishes, a silver base with 4 colours which easy layer on top of each other. The kit is an easy way to get a ombre / layered effect easily without the need of sponges. The kit is good, however it takes a while to get the hang of and I don’t think that it does the same job as a sponge, it is really fun to play with. I can’t wait to use my new nail colours (from L to R) Serendipity, Clever, Orion’s belt, Revved up and Glorious. Follow Formula X on instagram for daily nail inspiration and check out the Formula X Nail website for all the colours you can play with.
  • Elizabeth W – Originally established as a traditional perfumery in San Francisco, the Elizabeth W brand includes scents for your bath, body and home. All products are made in small batch production in the USA and the scents are strong and beautiful, my favourite is the Citrus Verbena which I bought home with me in eau de parfum and hand cream with 7% shea butter. Anything from this store would make amazing gifts for people back home which would probably be a little more useful then a San Francisco keychain no? For the full collection visit Elizabeth W on their website, or if you are thinking of hunting them down in San Francisco then go to their flagship store in Ghirardelli Square where you can meet Daisy the dog according to their website – bonus!
  • 100% Pure – The 100% Pure company statement they are the world’s most pure, organic and all natural line of cosmetics, beauty products and skincare. They aim to give skin its maximum benefits, minimising skin irritations by eliminating the chemicals which can be absorbed by our skin to cause clogged pores. I have never really been obsessed with 100% natural / organic products however when I walked into 100% Pure’s little boutique in Berkeley it smelt so amazingly indulgent and the products are all in crisp white packaging, I had to dip my toe in and bought just a tub of coconut and lime whipped body butter which smells incredible and wasn’t sticky or heavy when I tried it on my hand. The brand is not cheap as with everything natural and organic on the packaging, however I am sure that there are benefits. I’ll probably only splurge every now and again, after all your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it needs to be looked after as well. For more information about 100% pure check out their website.
I had a wonderful time in San Francisco all the shops I went to had great service and people were extremely helpful. If you’re going shopping in America I would recommend you asking questions, don’t be shy ask if they have different colours and sizes in the things which you do like. It might be cheaper online if they check for you and they can order it and deliver it to where you are staying. Don’t ever just think that you are limited to what is in store, check out what there is online in your favourite stores and if they don’t have it there you can always order it. I love shopping in America and discovering new brands which you can’t get here in the UK, what are your favourite American brands and what do they sell?