Sail Croatia with Med Experience – Split to Brac


Back in February I received a phone call at work from my good friend asking whether my boyfriend and I were interested on going on a sail boat in Croatia. After a little thought being stuck in an office, I jumped at the chance to go especially since I knew that my boyfriend wanted to go on a boat for the longest time, a sail boat in Croatia – bonus! I was told that we decided on tour operator Med Experience (created by the creators of Sail Croatia) for our trip as the boats were perfect for a small group of friends, the itinerary was good, and we had the versatility to do whatever we wanted to do on our days in port with all the benefits from the partners of Sail Croatia. The trip was affordable and the idea of being on our own private boat was extremely appealing. Before I knew it we were getting up at the crack of dawn at the end of August and catching our flight to Split.
We arrived early in the morning and got off the airplane and immediately felt the heat of the sun. After a quick whiz through passport control and getting our bags we set about finding the shuttle bus into Split city centre. We arrived with plenty of time to spare before a 2pm – 3pm check in on the boat, however we weren’t aware that the ACI marina was a bit of a walk from the main marina where we were dropped off. So after a hot walk lugging our bags we arrived at the ACI marina and just spent our time watching the boats go by while having a bite to eat and a drink.
Eventually our friends joined us and we finally checked in on our boat. After meeting our tour guide, some of the other guests on the other 2 boats and our skipper – Zoran (who quickly became apart of our group) we popped to the local shop at the marina to pick up some supplies for the trip. On our return Zoran told us how the facilities worked on the boat and the boat rules, and then we untied the boat from the dock and we were off.
Passing some incredible yachts and boats of all different shapes and sizes.
Zoran was happy for us to get involved with the sailing of the boat whenever we wanted, and the boys in our group jumped at the chance to be his first mates.
Before we knew it we were all settled in, changed into our swimming gear enjoying the fresh sea air with a beer in hand – this would be a common theme throughout our journey.
We arrived in Brac with just enough time to enjoy a swim in the sunshine. We moored up in a beautiful little bay in Bobovisca which is a tiny little seaside town next to a number of boats tied up to little boueys floating on the water. We couldn’t wait to jump into the clear blue water and cool off.
After a short dip, a quick change, we had to tie up a dingy and pull ourselves to shore in order to go for dinner with the rest of the guests, luckily none of us ended up in the sea. Everyday Med Experience organised meals and optional excursions for us to take locally, this was a great opportunity to get to know the rest of the guests and skippers on the first night.
We took a short bus ride inland to a small town of just 80 people where we tasted local grappa and olive oil.
We were shown how they used to make olive oil traditionally and not much in those rooms had changed throughout the years, although olive oil is not made that way any more.
Afterwards we walked to a beautifully lit courtyard with large wooden bench tables to have dinner while watching the sunset in the most beautiful colours I have ever seen.
We sat, ate locally grown produce, including local wine and grappa, and ate home cooked lamb in a peka which is a traditional way to slow cook protein in Croatia with coal surrounding the food placed in a bell shaped pot – we would have lots of different stews cooked this way throughout the trip. I didn’t know anything about Croatian produce, traditions or food before coming to Croatia and we were all keen to find out a lot more throughout the trip.
What a great end to the first day of a sailing adventure including meeting new friends, we honestly couldn’t wait to see what the next day brought. So we returned to our boats and spent a very peaceful night in a calm bay floating on water.
After a relaxing first night on the boat we woke nice and early for a quick morning dip before breakfast, then we headed off for a couple of hours sailing towards Makarska and more incredible things to come.
Stay tuned for part 2 of my sailing adventure Makarska to Jelsa. For more information about Sail Croatia check out their website.
Have you been to Croatia sailing before or have you been to Brac before? Please share your experiences with me below, I would love to hear about it. What did you love about Croatia?