Sail Croatia with Med Experience – Vis Island


After our indulgent mimosas we took a short sail to the Island of Vis just after lunch, after several nights and days of exploring and partying I thought that it was about time for an easy afternoon. So after a little deliberation of whether to join the other on a bike ride, my friend and I decided that a nice lazy afternoon on the beach was much overdue to prepare us for another night out.
We took a short walk to the local beach and set up on a sun lounger for the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the sun, with my trusty bottle of Jana which always delivers an inspirational message. I went on a long swim in the clear water watching all the people on the beach having fun, feeling rested after a nap in the sun we slowly walked back to the boat to get ready for dinner.
Zoran suggested we try more traditional Croatian food, so we booked a table in a little local restaurant to try some. Kod Paveta (check out their trip advisor entry) is a little family owned restaurant just a little bit from the main waterfront of Vis Town. This little restaurant full of character was probably one of my most memorable meals of the whole holiday.
We were sat outside on a big wooden table watching people just walk by, the inside of the restaurant was just as charming as the outside and judging from the food on other people’s tables we couldn’t wait to tuck in.
For starter we ordered some fresh tomato bruschetta, which was rustic and fresh and not scrimping on the fresh tomato on top of the bread with fresh herbs and olive oil.
The main meal came and we were all taken back with how much came to the table. The most incredible locally grown potatoes which were simply cooked in the the peka with lamb.
This traditional way of slow cooking in a cast iron ‘bell’ shaped pot with coal covering the whole pot was a favourite throughout the trip, we tried several different types of meat and seafood cooked in this way and this one was incredible.
The meat was so succulent and fell off the bones which went perfectly with the potatoes which soaked up the meat juices at the bottom of the plate.
 The second plate was a traditional pasticada which is slow cooked beef with gnocchi and a beef sauce. There is a lot of Italian influences on Croatian cuisine with Italy being so close and they both share their love of fresh ingredients and letting them speak for themselves.
All this was paired with the freshest salad and a drizzle of olive oil washed down with Croatian wine and beer, we were all too concentrated on the food we didn’t really talk much until we had finished the meal.
All the meat was perfectly cooked and full of flavour, the Croatians slow cook so many proteins is definitely something I will take a look at and bring this philosophy back to London with me, would be perfect for winter nights right?
After our wonderful feast Zoran took us for a little walk to show us some of his favourite places on the island. First up was a wine bar which was situated in a beautiful courtyard garden (see a theme going on with garden drinking). Lola is a wine bar with garden and living room furniture split over several levels all looking over a fountain in the middle.
A perfect place to sit, relax and unwind with a drink, all hidden behind a rustic wall. You just never know what you’ll find in Croatia… and that definitely continues in the next place we went to. (For more information about Lola check out their website).
Paradaiz Lost is a little local bar which isn’t your run of the mill place to grab a drink. First of all the sign for the bar is a creepy looking elf mannequin with a hand written sign of the drinks and food available that day.
When you turn the corner there is just lots of tree stumps, old living room furniture, some lamps and a vinyl record player in a courtyard. The bar only serves local or home made alcohol such as grappa or Croatian wine.
If they don’t make it or it isn’t locally sourced it doesn’t get on the menu. The charm of this place is unlike anywhere in the world I have been before simply sitting in a small opening on the cobbled street of Vis being transformed into a charming bar space. In the morning all the furniture just simply gets put indoors and it becomes a courtyard for passers by, you would never know it was there.
After a night of hidden gems in Vis Town we took a short sail round the island to see the submarine tunnels which is a permanent reminder of the history of the island, some saw it as a adrenaline challenge jumping off the top of it.
After leaving Vis we stopped in a small bay called Balun where lots of boats were parked. Everyone on board these boats were waiting to get picked up by a water taxi to get the chance to go and see the blue cave or blue grotto which is a water-logged sea cave. It is one of the best known natural beauty spots on the Adriatic because of the glowing blue light that appears at certain times of the day and I was excited to have a look.
We got picked up by a small water taxi boat and proceeded to go into the cave one little boat at a time.
The entrance we went in was man made and just big enough for a small boat, inside the blue glow was so beautiful. The sunlight reflected through the water coming from the white floor of the cave and bathes the grotto in the most stunning aqua marine light.
Once we were all safely back on our boat we took a long sail in open water back towards Split to spend a night in a small bay called Sesula before going back to Split for our last night together.
We were happily drinking and talking when Zoran noticed something in the distance which he thought was a dolphin. When we got closer we noticed fins coming out of the water and it was amazingly a group of dolphins swimming together.
One or two of them got close to us and starting playing in and around the bottom of our boat, it was an incredible sight to see wild dolphins being so playful in their natural habitat.
After that we were on a high and simply enjoyed the rest of the day in each other’s company in the sun and sailing on the open water.
We arrived in Sesula which is a small bay with extremely clear water. The bay is lined with rocks with loads of sea urchins, which I was told are only seen in the freshest of water.
To go swimming near the rocks you had to watch out for the sea urchins and aqua shoes and goggles are definitely a must.
That night we had our last peka of the trip which I finally got to see being cooked. Our peka was filled with whole fresh fish caught that day and which were cooked whole with vegetables and potatoes.
I never thought that fish could fall off the bone, but I was proved wrong.
We sat in the only restaurant in the bay with all the skippers and all the people from the other boats drinking and swapping stories from the trip as well as contact details to stay in touch.
The next morning after a quick morning swim we set off again for the last time. We took one last chance to jump off the boat and swim in a secluded bay just off Sesula with the other boats before having to head back to Split.
We took this chance to perfect our diving skills.
We headed back to Split looking forward to one last night altogether and admiring our incredible holiday tans.
We pulled into Split just after lunch where we made the most of our last night and day with our boat family before heading our separate ways.
My final instalment of my adventure to Croatia is coming up next, check out how the trip ended in Split and what I learnt from this holiday, officially saying goodbye to the summer of 2015 with the clocks going back this weekend.
For more information about Med Experience check out their website.