Sail Croatia with Med Experience – Split


After returning to the ACI marina in Split we were all a little hungry so we went to do what we did the best on this holiday and that is eat! Just up the hill from the marina on our way to the beach we found a great pizza place which did pizza by the metre. After filling our stomachs we spent the rest of the day lazing on the beach. After a day by the sea and a long shower at the marina we set off to the old city of Split to have our last meal as a boat family and soak in the atmosphere of Split at night.
We put some super cute Lulu dk metallic tattoos on which went perfectly on our sun kissed skin. The designs are really cool and I love the fact that the designs had white accents, they lasted a really long time and I would definitely buy more of them for future summer holidays.
After dinner and some drinks Zoran took us on a late night walk of the old city of Split while there was no tourists and it was completely empty. The city is such a picturesque place which looks like it has been frozen in time.
Marble floors, old towers and even a large statue of a wizard just outside the old city walls was some of the highlights which you see when you simply wander around the old city, you can clearly see the difference between the historical buildings and more modern ones.
After our impromptu tour we took a long walk along the water back to the boat for our last night onboard. Check out is really early the next morning so that the boat can get ready for its next tour, so we said our goodbyes and we went on our separate ways. My boyfriend and I stayed in Split an extra night to spend some time exploring the town before flying out to London early the next morning.
We booked a room tucked in the back streets of the old town, we dropped out bags off and couldn’t wait to wander around. The town looked totally different in the sunlight. Lots and lots of cruise ships, tour groups and people flooded the little streets and piazzas which created a buzz. All the cafes, bars and restaurants were full of people with tables lining the piazzas and streets, perfect places to sit outside and enjoy the weather and the scenery.
All these people didn’t stop us from taking a proper wander around the streets where we discovered the most beautiful architecture.
Split isn’t a very big place, perfect to wander and get lost and come across incredible things such as this incredible church.
There are also a lot of markets including this cute little antique market off a square behind the old town wall and a large market running alongside the old wall full of food, souvenirs and locally made Croatian goods including handmade crochet table cloths being made by the stall owners.
So after wandering the streets and having some Croatian gelato we headed back to our room for a quick rest before dinner.
We ventured out on our last night to see the sunset over the city and say our goodbyes to Croatia.
The next morning we got up really early to get down to the dock to take the shuttle back to the airport. I had to take one last photo while walking through the square back the palace in the morning taking in the last of the sun before getting back to London.
This trip was one of the best experiences I have had, waking up every morning to the most picturesque views it was like I was in paradise everyday. Having a new location to explore everyday was a great way to experience as much of Croatia as possible and the vast differences in every location we went to. I didn’t know anything about Croatia apart from the fact that a lot of my friends were going there for summer holidays. I came away with some great new friends, a love for the country and the satisfaction that I lived on a boat with basic facilities (I hate camping and it was pretty much like that but on a boat).  I can’t recommend going to explore Croatia in this way enough, I loved that we basically had a private boat to ourselves however with the rest of the boats on the tour we got to meet other people. If my series of blog posts and photos I have shared doesn’t tempt you into thinking of sailing around the Adriatic sea then go to the Med Experience website and check out the whole experience for yourself, I would jump at the chance to go again!
Before you go on this trip I have some tips if you are thinking of going (I hate packing at the best of times but packing for this trip was hard!):
  • Pack 50+ SPF even though you think that you can survive on 15 trust me the constant sun everyday is extremely hot! Especially by the sea, consider packing after sun as well.
  • Bug spray is a must, there are bugs around at night trust me you will need it.
  • Pack 2 towels, one for the sea and one for showers.
  • Bring more then 2 swimsuits, I know for us girls that is a given but trust me you will want a dry one every so often. All my swimsuits and beachwear on the trip was from Melissa Odabash who every summer hold a sample sale in London for you to get your designer swimwear at a fraction of the price.
  • Bring a soft bag so you can collapse it in the small cabin spaces you have, trust me if you don’t listen to any of my advise listen to this one at least.
  • Pack things that you can easily throw on – there isn’t a lot of space in the rooms and just having something to throw on is the best thing.
  • Take every opportunity to do everything you want to do while you’re there as you don’t know when you will be back.
  • Talk to the locals, you never know where you will go or what you can find. They can introduce you to places and things that you have never experienced before the most amazing places are behind the most unassuming doors / walls.
  • Jump in where ever you want to! We stopped sometimes in the open water and even though I was a little scared and the current was quite strong it was an amazing feeling to swim with nothing in sight but your boat.
  • Have fun and do it! – Just go on a holiday which you never thought that you would want to do and just have fun, it is what life is about.

I hope that you enjoyed my series on Croatia, if you want to see more then visit my sailing companion Lindsey’s blog – Flat 34 to see her series on sailing Croatia.

Have you been to Croatia with Med Experience, Sail Croatia or other sailing companies? If you have and you have any advice then please let me and my readers know below.