The Red Squirrel Wine Festival with Kweek Week – London


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London has so much to offer and it is often hard to know what is going on in such a busy city. There are so many websites which help us keep track of what is going on throughout this vast city. Kweek Week is a events platform which works with both the attendee and the event hosts to provide a complete service for all involved. The best thing about Kweek Week is that there is a complete variety of events all over London and in different countries ranging in price. From free to the indulgent, so that no matter what your budget you can enjoy something different that our city has to offer. Through their website or their phone app it is so simple to browse and choose which events you would like to attend to make the most of what London has to offer.
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I painted my nails a festive red (Little lost ones nail polish “I’m dreaming of a mulled wine Christmas”) grabbed some festive accessories, my printed Kweek Week ticket and headed down to Bermondsey under the train archways to attend the Red Squirrel Winter Wine Festival.
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Red Squirrel Wine is an online wine merchant who specialise in wines at a fair price. They stock a diverse selection of wines which have biodiversity, native grapes and sustainable farming with smaller winegrowers. This Winter Wine Festival was a chance to introduce around 40 wines which they stock in a relaxed setting complete with a festive vibe. The Red Squirrel team deliberately chose wines which would easily compliment any festive gatherings you might have this season. All the wines at the event were colour coded so that you knew which ones go well with your fish course, to your christmas turkey even down to your Christmas pudding.
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We were given a little programme for the night with all the wines nicely listed and colour coded. We started with sparkling wines and champagne, followed by white wines, red wines and then desert wines and port. It was so nice to taste several wines which complimented the same thing however tasted extremely different from one another.
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All the wines were accompanied by amazing little bites from the Dinner Ladies, Daisy and Lily. We were truly spoilt with smoked salmon bellinis, to the most amazing confit goose scotch eggs. These scotch eggs dipped in mustard mayonnaise were the most perfect little bites. As were the Christmas dinner tastes in a bacon cup, such an amazing idea especially when you are wine tasting. You could easily get all the flavours of a Christmas dinner together. Each little mouthful came out perfectly timed as you were going around the room. The little Christmas puddings went amazingly with the selection of desert wine and perfect little figs and blue cheese went well with the port selection.
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All the staff were extremely friendly and the majority of people who attended the event knew a lot about wine. However the staff made me and my friend feel so welcome and explained each wine with us and we never felt out of place. Highlights for me were trying some sparkling wines fro Hampshire/ UK from Meonhill, I am always intrigued about English wines however I don’t think that enough places stock them. These were particularly light and easy to drink. A Hungarian wine (Tonai Furmint, 2012). Although a good white for me was the Villarei Albarino, 2012 from Spain and the desert wines and ports which I don’t normally order at restaurants let along buy for myself. It was nice to learn a little more about them so I might indulge next time i’m doing my weekly shop.
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All the wines had a story which reflected in each of the bottles and the labels which the staff knew extensively. It was so nice to see some individual bottles, I am one of those people who judge a bottle of wine by the label (guilty!).
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I had an amazing night meeting new people and learning about rare grape wines. The philosophy of all at Red Squirrel is that wine is an individual thing and not everyone has the same likes. Wine is all about trusting your palette and knowing what you like, there are no rules. The whole event was really laid back and I came away feeling ready for the festive season, it is something I would jump at the chance to do again.
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If you’re looking for something different to do in London, don’t just think of going to a bar or a restaurant. Think a little outside of the box, Kweek Week have loads of alternative events daily and it is so easy to book. Just have a look at what they have on offer and give it a go. You never know you might find something you really enjoy doing and wish that you would have done before. Thanks Kweek Week I had an amazing night and I definitely feel like I know what I will be drinking with my Christmas dinner this year and I can’t wait to experience something new very soon.
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For more events visit the Kweek Week website and download their app. Also check out my interview and blog post on their blog, also follow Kweek Week on twitter.
For more information about Red Squirrel Wine please visit their website and on twitter. Also for more information about the Dinner Ladies please visit them on twitter.