LittleLaws guide to festival survival for the non festival goer


As I said in my previous post about The Secret Garden Party I have never been to a festival before and have never been tempted to go, I feel that after the teen and early twenties period you become a little bit more aware of hygiene and more picky about what you eat etc – basically you turn into more of an adult, shock horror!
I heard stories from others who have been to festivals before about the state of the toilets, the cramped journey home, and the lengths people go to in order to keep some sort of state of hygiene. Not really my cup of tea, but after going and having a great weekend I thought that I would share some tips if you want to go and experience it for yourself.
  1. GLAMP – Even though it cost a considerable amount more then just having the normal ticket there are so many options for glamping at all festivals now. You don’t need to shell out for the most expensive but… Secret Garden Party’s boutique glamping section came complete with porters to carry your stuff to your digs. A separate entrance where you didn’t need to queue, your tent is already set up complete with waterproofing, and if you didn’t need any more convincing then that there is proper toilets which get cleaned daily, hot showers, free phone charging facilities, and a tent complete with hair dryers, curlers and straighteners. If you want a bed then that costs extra, to be honest a blow up mattress and a sleeping bag is just as good. Need I say more about shelling out for glamping?
  2. Bring your own – Needless to say there are limits on every festival’s website on how much of the outside world you are allowed to bring on the premises (food alcohol etc) as the organisers obviously want to help the vendors who have set up came in the festival. Bring enough to keep you going while you hang out in your tent, cereal bars, snacks and some alcohol it might be fun to bring your own cups and straws too.
    Littlelaws_SGP2016_9But don’t worry though if you don’t have enough to eat there are LOADS of choices – from pad thai to hot dogs there are loads of choice.
    Littlelaws_SGP2016_11If you find yourself needing something before you go back to your tent Pan-N-Ice make ice cream on a frozen plate complete with loads of toppings. The best late night snack! So look out for them in festivals and all over.
  3. Be prepared – Don’t assume the the weather is going to be dry and boiling hot, definitely bring wellies, waterproofs but thanks to your good skills you are in a area where the tents are already made and waterproof so you don’t need to worry about mud or water coming into your tent. So just make sure you have enough jumpers, blankets etc as it does get cold at night no matter what the weather. Don’t get caught out! It’s worth being safe then sorry.
  4. Stay ahead of the crowd – Ok I sound like a granny because festivals are about going with the flow. But it isn’t much fun when you have to stand in line for a shower first thing in the morning for ever 30 minutes. So my advice is just wake up and get going before anyone else has the same thought. It skips the queue and helps you get over that hangover before anything else. Trust me you always feel better after a shower don’t you? Plus you are in the front of the queue for coffee while everyone is waiting for the shower.
  5. Bring a bag around with you – have someone in your group who has a big enough bag for some water, wipes etc trust me it comes in handy once in a while.
  6. Be a happy camper – I had a great time surrounded by great people even though I wasn’t the happiest of campers, if I didn’t have the lovely tipi I think that I would have definitely called it a day after just one night (I did have a exit plan). But the girls kept my spirits going, our neighbours were all happy to say hello and we made some friends. So as long as your occupied, friendly and up for a laugh then the experience won’t be as bad as you think it’s always 1000 times worse in your head.
  7.  Don’t have any expectations – If I had any expectations of what the weekend would be it was a lot better conditions then I thought to be honest. The fact that we had a shower was amazing, a sink with running water and a glam tent. It could have been much worse.
Ok, even after all of this I don’t think that I am a converted festival goer, but I am glad that I have been and experienced it in a way that I was comfortable with. So even if you aren’t a festival goer follow these tips and you’ll be fine, and at least you can join me in saying that you have actually been to a festival. Try the Secret Garden Party as your first one, it isn’t the biggest and their glamping facilities are great, trust me! I don’t camp and I survived.

If you’re not a festival goer and have been to one let me know your tips? Or if you go all the time let me know any tips too!

For more information about the Secret Garden Party check out their website.