Little Laws guide to the Secret Garden Party galaxy


I have a confession… I have NEVER been to a festival in my life before. I know that England does the festival game right and people flock from all over the globe to experience it… but not me. So this year thanks to my best friend I popped my festival cherry for the first time at the Secret Garden Party.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_6 The Secret Garden Party is all about a fun festival experience with lots of activities to get involved in. The site in Cambridgeshire is unique, there are trees,  ponds, it is more interesting then just a large field.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_8This year the theme was “Secret Gardener’s Guide to the Galaxy”, which meant that the site was filled with extraterrestrials, a buzz lightyear or two, metallic things and lots and lots of glitter.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_2 I loved that the majority of festival goers were in fancy dress and that they have decorated the site, you stumble upon things in the weirdest of places.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_7 I warn you bring your A-game on the costume department trust me people don’t hold back.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_26 Everyday you discover different stages throughout the site, don’t leave any part of the site unturned. The best stage was the one hidden in the middle of a forest, complete with a little tent where you could get yourself glittered up in a glittery tent.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_16I felt that even though you weren’t a hardcore music lover you could always get involved. A spiritual playground which played Disney music continuously is a great way to spend an hour dancing round like you’re a little kid again, and yes I did know the words to a surprising number of songs.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_19The best night for me was the Saturday night when there is a big fireworks show which is based around the theme. Everyone gathers overlooking the lake and the headline act closes the firework show.
Littlelaws_SGP2016_23I think that for my first ever festival experience the Secret Garden Party was the perfect fit. The festival doesn’t have stages which are too big, the site has lots of different things to do which meant that you never felt that there was so many people in one place at one time, in case you don’t like large crowds.
I was glad that I went and experienced what the English festival spirit is about and I know why people are addicted, can’t wait to see what the theme is next year.
For more information about the Secret Garden Party check out their website tickets for next year are already on sale. What is your favourite festival? Let me know what your festival experience was like and which festival you went to in the comments below.

Want to know how I survived the festival? Wait for my next blog post…. coming very soon!