Lady Gaga Art Rave Tour – London


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Last week as a birthday present my boyfriend got me tickets to see Lady Gaga’s Art Rave tour at the 02 in London. I saw her Born This Way Ball in Hong Kong and I personally had an amazing time and I wondered what the Mother Monster herself had in store for her new world tour. After waiting several months for the show and reading lots of conflicting reviews about the tour it was time to experience it myself.
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The night started out with 2 warm up acts but the best out of both of them by far was Lady Starlight who warmed up the crowd with techno bass beats. The Lady herself was on stage promptly after and the Art Rave began with the song “Art Pop” colourful lights, large balloons and a lot of confetti. Everything set the tone perfectly for the upbeat nature of the show. The ‘feel good’ factor and positive atmosphere didn’t leave the arena throughout the whole show. The Art Pop album doesn’t have many slow songs and I was on my feet dancing and jumping around throughout the majority of the show. There were plenty of costume changes as you would expect from Gaga, including the famous seashell bikini and some more elaborate costumes which Lady Gaga is famously known for. She didn’t disappoint and neither did any of the other creative aspects of the show including the dancers outfits and props, everything oozed Gaga.
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The graphic videos which accompanied the show were all beautifully shot, the dancers were all extremely energetic and kept the party vibe going throughout without losing energy. The confetti kept flying throughout the show with plenty of multi-coloured lights and lasers, and there was plenty of stage surprises and things to look at from inflatable sea coral, a huge silver hand chair to a curved piano. Gaga’s tour was a feast for the eyes and ears and it didn’t stop until the very end.
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The thing which really touched me about the whole show was the amount of attention which Gaga gave to her adoring fans. They showered her with clothes, letters, teddies and even a pack of Yorkshire Tea throughout the whole show. She even put on a couple of pieces of clothing which she was thrown which would make a fan’s night. She read out a letter which was thrown and asked the writers of the letter to sit next to her at the piano as she sung, you could see on their faces they couldn’t believe their luck and were extremely happy.
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She also picked three fans out of the standing crowd to join her on stage while she sung “Swine” complete with a neon outfit and neon dressed dancers. I have never seen an artist bring so many individuals on stage where she engaged with them so much and gave them a moment in the spotlight with someone who they admired and could only dream they would meet let alone stand on the stage of the 02 arena with. I have to say that Gaga’s Little Monsters are one of the most dedicated fan bases which I have ever seen at a concert. The costumes and effort which people make to go to her concert just added to the whole atmosphere of the concert. From tributes to her costumes to just dressing in Gaga-esque outfits, the sea of dressed up fans was pretty much the whole standing area in front of the stage and we kept seeing more and more dressed up fans when we were leaving. It was very heart warming to see that an artist includes their fans so much, you don’t see that very often.
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All in all the show was a lot of fun, totally entertaining and a great evening out. I think that anyone who knows even a hand full of Gaga songs and enjoys dancing to them would have an amazing time. Gaga doesn’t go out of her way to shock people I genuinely think that she is just a naturally creative person and shows it through what she wears, her music and the production of her shows. Her freedom of expression and encouragement of creativity and just being yourself resounds with her fans and is shown throughout everything that she does.
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I had an amazing time at the Art Rave and think that Gaga is an amazing performer and I definitely can’t wait for her to bring another tour into town. I think that I might have a bit of a Little Monster emerging, I genuinely couldn’t get enough of her feel good music and catchy tunes. I can’t wait to see what she does for her next album let alone her next tour, all I can be sure of is she is going to do whatever she wants and she’ll let creativity reign.
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Art Rave was an amazingly fun night and I am so happy that I was given tickets. I loved that for an hour or two I just had fun, jumped around, enjoyed myself and just forgot about my phone and whatever I had on my mind. I think that everyone needs to feel this every so often. I find that just having fun is so good for the mind and enables us to let go of any stress or worries even just for a couple of minutes. Even if you put on your favourite pop song (I know that everyone has a guilty pleasure) loud and dance around to it in your bedroom. Just try it and you’ll be surprised how happy you feel afterwards, I can recommend Gaga’s Art Pop album for this exercise if you can’t think of anything. This is basically what I did for the whole concert and I didn’t care whether anyone was watching my appalling dancing or listening to my tone death singing, I came out feeling great. So dance and sing away, what have you got to lose?
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