Koji – London


A new restaurant in London isn’t breaking news, however a good Japanese restaurant where you can get great sushi is breaking news in my book. Koji is a japanese restaurant which is a great little place to get my Japanese food fix in London. Situated on the New King’s Road near Parsons Green tube station it is perfect for anyone who lives in West London on a weeknight and for those who don’t its a special treat and well worth the effort to get there.
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When you enter Koji you enter through the amazing bar, with some incredible feathered light fixtures. The bar is trendy and inviting with dim lighting. The cocktail list is filled with classic cocktails which you can’t go wrong with and some Japanese Koji twists such as the ‘lemon grass and chilli martini’. The bar area is a perfect place to order some cocktails, small bites and just catch up with some friends, in my opinion you can never have too many of these places up your sleeve in London.
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We were quite early for dinner and was offered to sit anywhere we wanted in the restaurant. We chose to sit in the middle of the restaurant opposite the sushi bar which was a pleasant surprise. You don’t find too many big Japanese restaurants in London with a big working sushi bar where you can sit and watch these amazing little bites being made. I also love the individual light over each table highlighting your food and the decor used throughout the restaurant. I used the lighting to my advantage to dramatically photograph our meal.
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We were seated and swiftly offered some edamame beans with our cocktails to munch on while mulling over the menu and deciding what to eat. We settled on a cross section of food including a portion of the soft shell crab which we saw on someones table on the way to our table.
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Spicy vegetable gyoza japanese grilled dumpling came first with a nice dipping sauce. The crisp base of the dumpling went well with the sauce and the dumpling skins were nice and thin.
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The soft shell crab tempera with creamy jalapeño dipping sauce lived up to what we thought it would taste like. It was fresh, crispy and not too oily which I was extremely happy about.
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The sushi rolls were nicely presented with fresh fish. I would happily come back to Koji for sushi alone, each option on the menu you can order as a maki or temaki – hand roll form or sushi form which is a nice bonus.
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We rounded off our meal with chicken yakitori which we both enjoyed. The chicken was succulent and juicy and the sauce was great however we both felt that the seafood was far superior. We also had some miso soup which was probably one of the best ones I have had in London for a while, it was packed with miso, seaweed and tofu. There are several options on the menu and I would like to sample all of them.
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By this point we were happily full and ready to call it a night. However, when we saw the desert menu one item caught our eyes and we had to have it. Sakura and Sake chocolate truffles leaped off the page at us and we had to further indulge.
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I’m so glad that we did as I have never had anything like it before. The truffle is hollow filled with a shot of sake, when you bite into the chocolate the sake flows out and they combine together in your mouth creating the most wonderful comforting flavour. If you come to Koji I think that you would definitely have to order this desert as a treat to yourself.
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All in all Koji is a great little Japanese place and in London it is hard to find good, fresh Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price. Although i don’t think that Koji is the cheapest I don’t think that you can get fresh seafood for much less. The decor and ambience of the restaurant is great and the menu even though not very big has everything that you want in a classy Japanese joint. I am just happy that this is on my way home from work and I can indulge myself every now and again, especially with a sake and chocolate truffle and a great cocktail.
For more information about Koji please visit their website.