How I turned my quilting/ patchwork hobby into much more


I’m so sorry for the lack of blog posts but it has been a very busy 2017 so far, but I have plenty to share with you all, just hang on in there with me…
After making several quilts at the beginning of last year I haven’t looked back. I used to work with fabric everyday and since then I have changed my career path. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have the creative outlet that I had in my previous career so I started to make things, namely patchwork quilts.
I love that I can design something which is a little challenging to make, since my first patchwork quilts I have gone on and made lots more. I design each piece with whoever ordered it in mind, and finding the perfect fabric for each child who I hope will love these quilts for a long time to come.
Since my first couple of projects I have been more confident in creating more challenging blankets and can you see I have been busy. Luckily my friends and family are all adding to their families so there isn’t a shortage of people who will give these pieces a good loving home and indulge my creative whims.
These people who have been so supportive and enjoying all these patchwork creations which I have lovingly made. I now understand how hobbies are nurtured into much more and how you can just keep getting better and better, the more I make the more I learn and the more challenging designs I want to take on (I know i’m crazy!).
When I design something from scratch, find the fabrics, put them together and make them lovingly into something so beautiful and one of a kind is so rewarding for me, even though I stay up quite late some nights to finish them. I am so lucky I have a hobby which spreads so much joy.
There are plenty more blankets and little toys to come, mostly because the designs are stuck in my head and I keep coming across some amazing fabrics. Maybe in my next quilting update I’ll let you into the places where I get my fabric from and where I get my inspiration – thank you to all my friends and family who provide this inspiration for me and keep my creative juices flowing.
Enjoy my creations? Let me know in the comments, do you have a hobby which gives you a challenge and a lot of satisfaction?
Keep your eye out for more sewing updates, I’m already busy making more!