Flori Flower and Korean Dessert Cafe – Hong Kong


My mum is so good to me (even if I don’t say it enough), she reads Chinese newspapers which feature articles on new places to go, products to buy, new local labels and shop openings and saves the articles for me. So when I return to Hong Kong I can visit and see all these interesting things with my friends and especially with her. One of the articles she saved for me was about the Flori Flower and Korean Dessert Cafe in Causeway Bay, the article caught my eye because of these beautifully crafted flower cakes. When my friend from London came into town for a couple of days I decided to ventured down there to see what a Korean cafe in Hong Kong was like.
Korean culture has been an obsession in Hong Kong for a while. The Korean soap operas, K-pop phenomena and fashion have the population of Hong Kong captured. I have to admit, I can’t get enough of Korean fashion. However I noticed something which Hong Kong has not adopted as heavily as the Koreans when I visited Seoul (check out my blog post on Seoul) – their love of cafes and desserts. In Hong Kong we have lots of traditional dessert places but they aren’t like the Korean cafes where you want to sit and hang out for hours, plus they don’t generally serve coffee. Is the Flori Cafe the start of bridging this gap?
A stone throws away from the bustling Times Square area in Causeway Bay is Tang Lung street. A street which has slowly collected several eateries over the years including some incredible ramen places and great places to grab a quick bite over lunch. But in-between the dirty buildings sits the Flori cafe, with the outside clad in dark wood, it stands out a little bit from the rest of the restaurants.
The ground floor is long and narrow with the kitchen at the back. There are several little tables on this floor however with little stools, not the most comfortable place to sit for a long time. Upstairs is more spacious with flower shop and room to hold floral workshops. There are plenty of wooden tables to pull up a pew, again however there are only stools to sit on. I loved the modern feel of the place with dark walls and little displays up on one side of the wall it reminded me of places I went in Seoul where cafes were made to feel like your living room with little nick nack displays.
The article mentioned little floral cupcakes which we saw in the entrance, only they were fake and they had sold out of actual cakes when we arrived. So we admired the ones on display and sat down to enjoy some Korean desserts anyway. The menu caters savoury dishes as well if you don’t have a sweet tooth, but we went for honey korean toast with ice cream and a Korean pancake complete with green ice tea and a ice latte.
The portion sizes are generous enough for two to share if you were just going for afternoon tea, on reflection the desserts were a little sweet I probably couldn’t go there more then once in a while. But the toast was fluffy and went great with the ice cream, while the pancake was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and served warm which went well with the ice cream served.
However we found the drinks were a little on the sweet side especially the iced green tea which they probably added sugar syrup to, we had to dilute this with some water.
All in all a great little place to come and indulge a little Korean dessert and feel the slower paced side of Causeway Bay. I just simply wish that the seating area is a little more comfy so you could pass your time away happily and that we could sample the pretty little floral cupcakes. I can see Hong Kongers coming to take photos of the pretty little cakes and lapping up the Korean pancakes, after all the K-phenomenon is still as strong as ever.
Thinking about it, what a perfect place to go and make your own mother’s day gift or simply a gift for your mum with the floral workshop, and flower shop, if only we had one in London. Or I would simply go there with my mum the next time i’m in town and get her a pretty little flower cake and hang out with her. Don’t need an excuse just because it’s mother’s day!
(Don’t forget it’s mothering Sunday this week here in the UK)!
Flori Flower and Korean Dessert cafe is located in Giok San Building, 31-35 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong.