In love with fashion souvenirs from my Tokyo trip


In February I went to Tokyo and of course I shopped, now the weather in London is good enough to show off the two outfits I bought which summed up my Tokyo trip perfectly. I’m totally in love with these dream fashion souvenirs which fondly remind me of my trip to Tokyo.

Metallic shoes: Staccato

I decided not to over indulge in lots of souvenirs but treat myself to beautiful key pieces or outfits which I know that I am going to keep for years and years to come. What is more Japanese then Issey Miyake? If you go to Tokyo there are several shops from the famed designer which all sell different items, but my firm favourite for years is the Pleats Please brand. Once seeing this collection in the window we all knew that we had to try a piece.

Trainers: Nike 

This year they Issey Miyake collaborated with renowned graphic designer Ikko Tanaka to produce a collection for Pleats Please. Three works out of Tanaka’s many masterpieces were selected to use as prints on Miyake’s pieces and they turned out so amazing! This dress couldn’t stay in Tokyo. The placement of the print, the shape and the fact that this dress is so simple to pack and can go anywhere without looking creased is a definite bonus! Plus it goes with both trainers and shoes so you can easily dress it up or down.
Can I just say, how beautiful are my new metallic sandals from Staccato? I love them!
Holographic trainers: Nike
Another brand which I discovered while in Tokyo is Plain People, they have several stores around Tokyo but I fell in love with their store in Ginza. A contemporary East London vibe to their stores make it a great place to shop filled with relaxed clothing for all shapes and sizes beautifully made and not extortionately priced.
Once I put this set on I knew that it was coming back to London with me. Wide legged culottes which matches this no sleeves formal jacket with a belt, I love that these pieces look formal but have a casual edge to them.
There is a subtle pressed brocade fabric with a floral print, which adds interest and a bit of texture to what would be just an average black outfit.
I love this jacket, the shape is great, and the fact that it can be used in other outfits is a bonus! The belt doesn’t go round outside of the back of the jacket which makes it even more flattering, such a simple detail but it makes a whole lot of difference. All I have to do is finish the whole outfit off with hands down the most special pair of trainers I have ever owned, my holographic nikes which makes me feel like i’m walking on a cloud every time I look down at them.
Travelling gives you the chance to not only discover new places but to uncover new brands, products and bring a piece of your trip back with you. These are the best souvenirs I could of bought to remember my trip to Japan and I know that they will stay in my wardrobe for years and years to come.
What do you like bringing back from your travels? Let me know and show me in the comments below.
For more information about Issey Miyake, Pleats Please then check out their website. Plain People has a website but it is in Japanese, but check out the website for addresses of their stores in Tokyo.