Open the door to an exciting new wardrobe with your existing clothes


If you love fashion and are anything like me you have a wardrobe full of clothes. I have found recently I can make an exciting new wardrobe from what I have existing in my wardrobe making new designer inspired pieces from the pieces which you already love. All you need is some time, know how and the perfect fabric to make something which only you have. I don’t want to settle for what is available to me any more! I just figure with age I just become more picky and won’t settle for a zip in the wrong place, bad fit, bad quality, wrong colour or the wrong length. So getting inspired by how happy my friend was with her kimono I decided to make one for myself inspired by none other then Kenzo and their multicoloured animal prints, what could be better then that for the summer?
I visited Walthamstow market the other month after reading about the vast choice and great price of fabrics available up there. But to be honest I don’t think that I was ready for the amount of choice, the great prices and the amount of trims and other bits and bobs you can pick up – but let’s save that for another blog time eh? I couldn’t leave without this floaty brightly coloured leopard print fabric, which I thought would be a perfect Kenzo inspired kimono, I mean just look at that print and those colours.
I have a little floral kimono which I bought from New Look a couple of summers ago, but it isn’t that long and I don’t wear it a lot, but I love the shape so I decided to copy the shape of this and make myself a new longer one with a little bit of fringe. Sounds complicated but it is surprisingly simple and you can do this with any piece of clothing you have.
Lay your piece of clothing on top of your fabric and trace around it, I use tailors chalk. Make sure that you allow for a seam allowance. Especially if like me you don’t have a overlocker you might want to do a french seam where you catch the raw edge inside the seam which will make it look a lot better and reduce fraying.
Cut your pieces but before I sew it all up I like to pin the garment together and try it on so that I know I’ve got the right pieces and the right size and length. Seam the front centre seams first and then sew the pieces together. Don’t forget to finish your hems, I decided to finish it all off with some long fringe which I found in Walthamstow as well.
Et Voila! What do you think? Not bad for a couple of hours in the afternoon eh?  I can’t wait to make more and to try this method with other pieces in my wardrobe, I’ve already started another for my friend.
I guess that I have opened the door to a completely new wardrobe, this could be dangerous.
I have more fabric from Walthamstow to turn into some great pieces for my wardrobe, I guess I better get to it.
Let me know what you guys think, have you got clothes in your wardrobe you would love to own over and over again?