Escape London with good food and drink at Pergola on the Roof


Who doesn’t love a roof garden in the middle of the city? Especially in the summer with the sun setting, good company, a glass of wine and some good food, what is better? I love a good roof bar, or outside space after falling in love with the abundance of roof top bars I visited New York and I’m glad to say that London is starting to follow suit. There are some amazing places in London and I have found a new one on top of the Television Centre multi-storey car park in White City. Pergola on the roof helps you escape London with good food, drink and a beautiful Mediterranean inspired setting.
From the moment you step out of the floral adorned lift stepping onto the white gravel floor you don’t feel like you are in the centre of London let alone on the top of a multi-story carpark. There is a large area with day beds which would happily seat a big group of friends on a sunny day (you can book these out for a large group of you) and some barrels which you can perch on if you are just visiting for some drinks and small eats, but it’s when you go up the ramp where the Pergola shines. In the middle of a covered open air structure wrapped in hanging flowers is a large square bar surrounded by long tables. 4 established London restaurants pop up sites are situated here with bespoke menus just for Pergola on the Roof. We quickly grabbed a cocktail and wandered around trying to find somewhere to sit.
As you might expect around dinner time it is really busy, you can book a whole table out for a large group, but if you go as a small group you have to scout around for a table. We found one right next to the Patty and Bun pop up which had a massive queue in front of it so we decided to try our luck with the other 3 restaurants and try at least a dish from each, when in Rome eh?
Starting with a pulled pork BBQ wrap from the Rabbit pop up, the meat was succulent and packed with flavour, so good dipped in truffle mayo but what doesn’t truffle mayo taste good with right?
Then after refuelling with a bottle of white wine I went to the other corner for a bite from Salt Yard. Unlike Rabbit I have never been to Salt yard who like Rabbit had taken full advantage of the open air and set up lots of barrel BBQs next to their stall. The smells were so good!
I went for a vegetable dish as I felt that we were going to over load on meat, a large plate of grilled aubergine, smoked burrata, leaves covered in an orange vinaigrette. For a vegetarian dish it packed a punch, the smoked burrata being the star of the show especially paired with the grilled aubergine, something totally different which you don’t come across on a menu all the time.
We were tempted to go for a burger at this point however the Patty and Bun lads had been so busy throughout the night they had sold out of many of the burger options so we opted to fill our stomachs with the offering from Le Coq.
I’m guessing the spatchcock chickens went down a storm since there was only one line of them left by the end of the evening.
I chose the pork belly brioche with crackling and slaw – the pork belly was a little overly fatty, the crackling was hard but the taste of the whole thing was great, especially with the tangy slaw and mayo inside the lightly toasted bun. If those two things were corrected then this would be a perfect pork roll.
My favourite of the night went to the hogget shoulder with mint and peas – pieces of succulent lamb, some which were crispy covered in mushy peas with mint. YUM!
Accompanied by potato wedges cooked crisply in pork fat with a tarragon mayo. I guess you couldn’t get a better spread of food in a more perfect surrounding.
Before we knew it the tables had emptied a little bit and the sun was starting to set which made the space look even more spectacular. I recommend that you go early to grab a table or just go for a drink and some chips while watching the sun slowly set. Go with more then one person so that one of you can guard your seats while the other goes to scout for food, or if you can gather a large squad you can book a large table. You’ll forget you’re in London until you get back into that flower adorned lift to the street. Any form of escapism which doesn’t involve a long journey is pretty good with me, even for a couple of hours.
Make use of this special pop up until the 29th August, find a break in the clouds and go go go! For more information about Pergola on the roof check out their website.
I think that we should have more places like this and utilise London roof tops which are sometimes forgotten places for people to enjoy, do you agree? If you’ve been to a great London rooftop recently let me know below! – Let’s make use of the summer!!!