A dress changed my struggle with weight loss this year

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I confess I have struggled with my weight for years, I tried fad diets, gone to the gym, tried lots of  work outs and watched others become skinnier then me with seemingly less effort. It is only recently that I have discovered a routine which is works for me and it has taken me years to work it out. At the beginning of this year after having a little bit of an over indulgent holiday I started the new year with a ‘healthy’ new years resolution, which I normally abandon around March. Before returning to London my mum and I came across a blow out sale at an amazing fashion store called ‘Mo & Co’ where I always admire the clothes especially their dresses.  I have never fit in their dresses (even the biggest size), but with a 90% off sale I couldn’t help but buy a couple in the largest size I could find and crossing my fingers as you weren’t allowed to try anything on. But unfortunately keeping my fingers crossed didn’t magically work and of course the dresses didn’t zip up. Just a WHOLE size too small… I vowed to get myself into a healthy, sustainable groove and fit in them before the end of the summer. Did I manage it??? Well… see for yourself!
Outfit details: Velvet wedge trainers: Hogan / Canvas bag: My Other Bag/ Round sunglasses: Linda Farrow
Do you see why I just went for this dress? How amazing is the print and the shape? It is easily dressed up and worn casually especially with my favourite canvas bag from ‘My Other Bag’ which is made from thick canvas with the cutest print and my Hogan wedge trainers. They are eco-conscious bags from the US which come in two different sizes and are perfect for the summer – check out the ‘My Other Bag’ website here.
How did I do it? I didn’t use any miracle product, fad diet and fitting into this dress wasn’t an over night thing. I simply had balance things in my life and come up with a schedule for my exercise, mixing cardio sessions, body balance classes (stretching is very important) and weights. I still eat out, I still eat carbs however I weigh a sensible amount of carbs for every meal, the ratio of vegetables is higher then anything else I eat and I don’t eat too much meat daily. I don’t deny myself of anything that I crave, I just monitor it, and I cut down my alcohol intake. These simple yet effective changes helped along side my work outs.
I’m going to be honest it wasn’t easy and it is a struggle when you first start but when you get in the groove and it becomes normal it does get a whole lot easier. I know that I would never be a size 8 or as skinny as others and I still see some flaws with my body, accepting this was half my battle. Now I feel better in my own skin and being able to zip this dress up was the result of hard work and determination.
When I first started I bought a lot of healthy cookbooks and subscribed to ‘Good Food’ magazine which opened my eyes to cook meals healthier. I discovered you don’t need to steam every meal to make it healthy and I found it useful to know other techniques and ingredients you can use. Another thing which helped me is calorie counting in the beginning, cooking from magazines and books which state calories put things into perspective for me, helping me realise how many calories are in things – it is an education. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water daily, don’t mistake dehydration for hunger!
These simple changes helped me so much, it has changed my life for the better. So when people say that life is a balance I believe them now and this beautiful Mo & Co dress is my symbol for that. I hope that by sharing these things I can help someone else make some changes and realise that you can do it too!
I want to thank the incredible people I have met at my local gym who help egg me on to attend classes and try new things to change up my work outs and all my friends and family who have been so encouraging to keep me going. It helps to have people around you who keep you motivated.
Let me know if you’re going through the same situation, it is better to go through this together and support one another. What works for you? Tell me your stories in the comments below!