DIY Personalised Wedding Quilt


There comes a time in your life when you feel like all of your friends start to get married and settled down at the same time. I have been going to weddings since I was young as I have a large close knit extended family. When I was younger I remember going with my mum to department stores and choosing what to give them on their registry, whether or not it is ok for us to give them a gravy boat and a couple of silver spoons to make up the amount of money we wanted to give. Nowadays I don’t go to many weddings which have a traditional register of bone china patterned dishes and silverware, it is normally your presence which is the present especially if the wedding is overseas where costs can add up quickly or a donation of money for a once in a lifetime trip for their honeymoon. Personally I don’t like just giving a sum of money as wedding gifts if I can help it, I like to give them a physical gift. I feel like I am an old soul when it comes to things like that.
This year for one of my friends I decided to embark on what turned out to be a 6 month long project to make a large quilt to put on their bed or simply to cuddle up in on the sofa, since his now wife is American I had it in my head that it is traditional to give a quilt as a wedding gift, or I took in the information while watching “How to make an American Quilt” when I was younger. So having never made a quilt or any type of patchwork, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started but I thought it would be a nice gift nonetheless.
My boyfriend and I gathered fabric from lots of different fabric stores which we visited over a month, mainly from Bristol, Flo-Jo boutique on Gloucester Road and Fabric Plus (they both provided some great advice on how to tackle my quilt and some great fabrics) and ones I collected at home. I wanted the fabric used to reflect the wedding and the couple themselves. I gathered fabrics which reflected London, Hong Kong, America and France which I know means something to them, incorporating some more modern fabrics and patterns to bring it a little bit more up to date. I found it extremely hard to match the fabrics together and gather enough different types of fabric to make the quilt look good, probably should have mixed plain squares with patterned ones but in the end it all managed to work together. Until I had laid every single square out every square on the floor and got an idea of how the quilt was going to look I didn’t know whether I had enough different types of fabric, colours or patterns going on to make the whole thing look balanced. But after several attempts I was happy with the result and it was where the hard work began.
Finding a 6ft by 6 ft piece of fabric in a store was going to be a little tricky so we bought a super king unfitted sheet of Egyptian cotton to go on the bottom side of the quilt, I also used some of the sheet to tie it in with the front by putting the initial of their new surname on the front of the quilt in squares, I loved the neutral colour we chose and it made all the colours in the quilt pop well.
After a mammoth sewing week all the squares were finally attached (using a grey thread as it went seamlessly into all the squares) so before attaching the front to the back I handed the quilt to my good friend Amelia to sew a little bit of personalised magic on to the quilt, which is the beauty of making things yourself.
Amelia sewed the date of their wedding, little 3D flowers, bees and metallic touches to the initial and it made the whole thing pop even more. I was so pleased with the result after I edged the quilt (using some great you tube videos) and attached the back to it.
For my first attempt of a quilt I don’t think that I did too bad and I am ready to start another one (surprisingly enough). It was a lot of fun thinking of what my friends would like and whether or not the colours would go with their house. The fact that I chose fabrics which mean something to them really touched them and they were touched by the gift. If you have time, set your sights on something you never know what you can achieve and you can make someone extremely happy with just a little time and effort.
What do you think of giving money to friends as a wedding gift? Have you made something for someone’s wedding? What was it? What do you think of my quilting efforts? If you have any tips for my next one let me know.
A very special thank you to Amelia for helping me on this task with her incredible talent – if you want you can order bespoke hangers and other items just speak to her she is a hand sewing wizard! Check out Amelia’s website for her custom made hangers which are available online and in stockists in London and you can also contact her for bespoke orders, she is happy to have a chat with you and cater for your every sewing need, she is extremely talented just look at some examples of her work.