DIY Marc By Marc Jacobs Inspired Top


(Above image from Shine By Three blog, if you haven’t checked out Margaret Zhang’s fashion blog then you have to)
After surviving the majority of September watching all the new Spring/ Summer catwalks, reading the shiny September issues of all the new collections and must-haves of the season (watch this space for my must have list) and managing to not buy everything on a fashion whim I decided to do some fashion DIY. I decided to take inspiration from one of the hottest shows from the SS collections for something that could last me through till next summer. So I called my friend for some fashion know how back up and we headed down to Beyond Retro in Soho to pick up what we needed.
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 2
The Luella Bartley and Katie Hiller double-act is a hotly anticipated return to fashion for Luella. They took the hem of Marc by Marc Jacobs, and it was one of the hottest tickets of New York Fashion Week. Their first collection for the brand was positively received and the fashion press couldn’t wait for their second. Their quirky and laid back style created a reboot for the brand and generated an amazing amount of fashion praise, have a look at their collection if you haven’t already. One of the items which stood out to me and I saw on a couple of blogs was the cropped t-shirt with a added on bandeau which looked great on the model and probably on someone with a size 10 or less body but not me. So I decided to take inspiration from this design and make something wearable without showing my non-washboard like stomach (which I hope to achieve one day) by simply combining two t-shirts together. So I went to Beyond Retro with my fashion friend to find two vintage t-shirts in order to make our own version.
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 3
We ended up choosing two t-shirts with complimenting colours and amazing prints. To make our version of this top we first took a scrap piece of jersey and tied it round where we felt was flattering, around the natural waist. After finding an aesthetic that we were happy with we took a photo of to remember what it looked like.
Then we marked where we were going to cut the t-shirt. Take the t-shirt and cut it in the marked place, then take the 2nd t-shirt and cut a straight piece of fabric from the bottom of the t-shirt. Use the piece of jersey which you used to mock the style with as your guide. You’ll end up with a cropped t-shirt which I am happy to wear to the gym and a piece of jersey to complete your other t-shirt with.
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 6
Littlelaws_DIY Top -4
Pin the piece of fabric to the first t-shirt to how you wanted it from the photo taken previously. Then sew the two pieces together using a machine and hand sew any pieces which may hang loose. Don’t worry if you’re not any good just try and make sure that you can’t see any stitches. Try it on to see that everything is sewn on and won’t fall off or hang in the wrong way. We sewed this piece on with larger stitches so if I don’t wear this top a lot then it is easily changed. This gives me the flexibility to change the colour or the style of the band in the future or just unpick the stitching and I would have a cook vintage crop top.
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 9
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 8
I think that the top came out great, it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would have but that is a creative process. It also encompasses the trend of tying things around your waist this season as well as being inspired by that original Marc by Marc Jacobs top.
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 12
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 10
We were both happy with this top and both thought that it was fun and different. I had a great afternoon with my friend creating this top, we had a couple of laughs and tried several different ways to put the band on the bottom of a t-shirt and we created something which I think looks cute and is one of a kind.
Littlelaws_DIY Top - 11
So if you have two old t-shirts and fancy creating something why don’t you try and give this a go. It was so much fun making something and I now have two one of a kind t-shirts to wear well into next year. Even if it doesn’t look great you can always unpick the sewing and end up with a crop top instead. So just give it a go and have some fun, fashion doesn’t have to be serious all the time.