DIY fleece backed baby blankets for the little special deliveries in your life


As with weddings there are loads in your life at one time, after the weddings comes the tidal wave of friends having kids which means loads of baby presents! Let me inspire you… What kid doesn’t grow up without a blanket which they carry around? I know that I had one and my little cousin held onto his until it was well past being a blanket. So I thought of making some bespoke designed and made by yours truly for friends simply using fleece as the backing so it is easily washable, soft and not too hot for the new little baby.
Take a look at how I did it and see whether you want to give it a try for any new additions you might have in your life.
Using fleece on the back of the quilt means that you don’t have too many layers to fiddle about with and these little blankets don’t take too much time to do. Choosing the colour combinations, pattern of the patches would take longer then actually making the blanket. Trust me! There are so many cute baby cotton fabrics to choose from, I normally choose a fabric which I want to focus on and pair it with 2 or 3 others depending on the pattern.
Simply choose your fabric, make sure that you have fleece to match, this quilt is 1 x 1 meter.
Sew the cotton together in a patchwork pattern how you want it, remember to press the seams down well so that the whole piece of fabric lies flat on the fleece.
Sew in the ditch of the patchwork to attach it to the fleece, remember to work from the middle outwards.
Then create the binding from the scrap pieces you have left from the quilt to match.
Remember to create your binding using diagonal seams as you don’t want the seams to be too bulky when you sew them onto your quilt.
I used a easy method of making binding by pre pressing the binding down, it is a pain and does take a while especially if you are doing a big piece but it is worth it in the end when you get down to sewing. Everything will just fold or fall into place.
Just take your time and make sure that you catch the binding on the bottom side of the quilt too.
If you have any fabric left over consider making a little friend to match your quilt. Let your creativity go hopping mad! (forgive my pun).
Littlelaws_Baby_Blanket_22Fleece and cotton fabrics all from Fabrics Plus – Bristol
The patterns, fabric, and combinations are endless I just hope that you have enough little bambinos and bambinos to give them to, I’m just getting started!
This pug quilt is bigger and finished without a binding, simply sew the right sides together and turn it inside out. This is an easier way to finish a larger quilt or if you don’t feel confident about taking on a binding.
Quilt size: 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 meters
Fleece, Pug fabric, grey ticking stripe cotton from Fabrics Plus – Bristol / Jelly roll fabric from Riley Blake.
All that my little rabbit and pug are waiting for are their little companions. I can’t wait to see whether these blankets will be one of those pieces which they can’t sleep without well into their lives. Onto the next ones… If you have made a baby blanket share it with me? Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Fabrics Plus is one of my favourite fabric stores to get quilting cotton, located just outside of Bristol it is an amazing place to get a variety of quilting cottons and dress fabric. Check out the Fabrics Plus website for more (If the website is down then check out the Fabrics Plus Facebook page) or just go down there you won’t be disappointed!