Inspiration from day dreams of Coachella to make a festival worthy kimono

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I don’t know whether you are aware but I started Little Laws to remind myself of the little things in life which make me happy, a safe space to simply look at and be happy. In my life my family and friends all make me happy, doing things with them and for them. I have always loved finding the perfect present for people. Birthdays, weddings, or just simply coming across something which reminds me someone in my life. I have dabbled in making things for my friends before but the wedding quilt which I made for my friends last year (check it out on this blog post) was the biggest project I have ever taken on. The surprise and happiness on my friends faces were more then I could have imagined. So I thought why stop there?
I bought this incredible piece of fabric last year while visiting Derby and always thought that it would make an incredible kimono / cover up piece. So for my friend Lindsey’s 30th birthday last weekend I decided this project was perfect for her since she is due to go to her first festival in England this year. I personally think that with kimonos or cover ups in a festival you want a 60s vibe and have lots of fabric to dance around in while the sun sets behind you and you’re dancing away complete with a fun trim to weigh the fabric down. It is surprisingly easy to make your own, this is how I did it:
  1. Fold the piece of fabric in half and cut two equal pieces
  2. Cut the top piece in half to make the centre front
  3. Pin the seams where you are going to sew, the two top seams which make the shoulder and the side seams, I left around 65cm from the top for the arm hole opening. See if it fits what you want as you can make adjustments easily but watch out for the pins, you can use safety pins if you want.
  4. I sewed the two pieces of fabric together using an overlocker and doing french seams on the front opening and using an over locker on the side seams, hem and shoulder seam.
  5.  Finishing it off by sewing on little navy pom poms on a trim which I bought from VV rouleaux on the arm holes and hem of the garment, their shop in Marylebone is an aladdin’s cave of trims. Check out the VV Reuleaux website for more information.Littlelaws_DIY_Kimono_2
It wasn’t my first time making clothes for women but definitely the first time I didn’t use a pattern and I would actually wear it. This is a great piece to make for a budding sewer as floaty fabrics are more forgiving on mistakes however they can be hard to handle, you can even use some great scarves instead of buying fabric. I just hope that Lindsey loves it and takes it to her first festival experience, no doubt she will cover her experience on her blog Flat 34, check it out if you haven’t already. Hopefully she will include some outfit posts – hint hint Lindsey!
Do you like making your own clothes and other things for your family? Let me know what you make!
If you don’t fancy giving it a try at home and aren’t confident with sewing skills, get in touch maybe we can work something out and I can design and make you a bespoke kimono for you for a fee, just get in touch and connect! I’d be happy to take on more sewing projects!