You Me Bum Bum Train – London


“The first rule of You me bum bum train is don’t talk about You me bum bum train” I was told by someone before embarking on the bum bum train, but I had to write something about my surreal night. With interactive theatre taking a big leap in popularity in London recently I have been very sceptical about going myself, I am not the acting, centre of attention type person, hence why I was never good at drama at school. My friend invited me to be apart of this interactive theatre experience which is captivating loads of people, so much so that it is extremely hard to get a ticket. If you google “You, Me, Bum Bum Train” you will simply find just incredible personal reviews with the outline of the concept telling you to try and get a ticket, which helps not to ruin the surprise of the whole experience and their official website doesn’t tell you all that much either. So what can I tell you? Well, I can give you a vague outline of the experience. The ticket holders get put into scenes / scenarios which you never thought you would be in and you have to think quick and simply go with the flow. Some people discover new passions or talents which they never knew they had and some of the scenes are extremely thought provoking making you think that somethings in life are not to easy.

The uniqueness of the You Me Bum Bum train is not only in their name, but they use volunteers (an army of them) to keep the whole show running night after night. They also rely on the kindness of these volunteers to help set up the sets and get props etc. They like to keep everything as authentic looking as possible to make it a complete immersive experience. We volunteered in one of the scenes, all I can say is that my scene was realistic and everything was considered to make it as authentic as possible. The volunteers create such a friendly, community atmosphere, with lots of people who haven’t done the volunteering before and just want to see what the experience is about, and others who were working their way round each scene night after night as they want to see and be apart of the whole experience.

You simply get told to turn up before everything kicks off and you will be allocated a scene to be apart of, don’t worry they need as many people as possible every night and no acting is involved if you don’t want to. All I can say that I have never done anything like the You Me Bum Bum Train before, and even though I wasn’t a passenger it was a truly unique experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a glimpse into what the whole thing is about before trying to get a ticket. Whether or not I could fully take part as a passenger is a question for me as I don’t know how I would react to some scenarios but it is a great opportunity to push yourself. If the future of theatre is interactive I don’t know whether it is for me. Going to the theatre, getting dressed up and sitting there brings back so many great memories for me which will always be special, being apart of the experience doesn’t fill me with relaxation. But I am glad that I got to be apart of it even just a little bit and see passenger after passenger deal with the scene in completely different ways. If you don’t deal with it well you can always drown your nervousness in the bar at the end where all the volunteers end up anyway, I was just glad that I could be apart of something like this and feel the community spirit from these volunteers even for one night, glad that spirit has not died in London.
Watch out for future You me Bum Bum train performances in the future and sign up to be a volunteer on their website and be apart of this modern interactive experience whether you’re a passenger or simply a volunteer, everyone counts.
Have you been apart of the You Me Bum Bum Train? Share your experience with me. Have you been to any interactive theatre experiences? What did you think?