Basic Top Tips for Painting Nails


I have always been taught to have nice nails. My mother has taken me to manicures and pedicures from a young age and since then it has evolved into a ritual which I do purely for myself. I have spent a long time  collecting lots of different nail varnishes, discovering new products and experimenting with all the interesting finishes which are now available. It has developed into an interest in nail art and I find myself nowadays wanting to use as many colours and techniques as I can while painting my nails. I have done my friends’ nails and the happiness and boost it gives them is definitely worth the time and extra little effort (plus staring at my colourful nail art for the rest of the day does make me happy).
Before you start doing your manicures at home here are some little tips about painting your nails:
Tips for nails - equipment
  1. Always use a base coat – this is very true with bright colours as they can stain your nails (especially yellow), I like OPI natural base coat or even more accessible is the No7 Boots gel base coat (the No7 top coat is my favourite as well).
  2. Don’t put too much nail varnish on at one time otherwise it’ll bubble, be patient and put thin layers of nail varnish on at one time dependant on different nail varnish brands put at least two layers on to get a great finish.
  3. Make sure that you give your nails at least 24 hours to breathe in between applications which means taking off the nail varnish and washing your hands thoroughly, this will mean they will not go yellow and unattractive. Try using a remover with no acetone-base or formaldehyde, stick to a remover which has acetate in it, it’s healthier for your nails. Don’t forget to use moisturiser on your hands to keep your skin nice and soft, my favourite hand moisturiser is ‘& other stories’ Moroccan Tea or Lemon Daydream, they both smell amazing.
  4. File and buff your nails, keep them neat and tidy. Not only does this help with the upkeep of your nails, this helps with the overall finish you get after painting your nails. It takes a little time but it is definitely worth the effort.
  5. If you want to have a go at nail art use everyday items such as dental floss, make up sponges, and toothpicks, these give a great effect and they are easily accessible, just give it a go.
  6. Have fun! Don’t be serious about it nail varnish isn’t permanent so you can have as much fun as you want, if it doesn’t work or you don’t like it then you can easily take it off and start again.

Whatever little thing that helps boost your confidence or puts a spring in your step definitely take a little time out to do. The littlest thing can make the biggest difference to your day especially if it lasts for more then one.

Tips for nails - first stage

Tips for nails - 2nd stage

Tips for nails - 3rd stage

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