Celebrate this Autumn with Koji – London


Since I have been living in London I have managed to collect  a ‘go to’ list of places to eat and after discovering Koji it has planted itself firmly on that list, I don’t need much of an excuse to go there really. So when my family came to town it was the best excuse to go, it was the night before my birthday, and Koji had some new dishes which they wanted me to check out for autumn. After months of having a specials menu they have decided add these dishes permanently on their menu. I’m so glad that I had a lot of people with me to munch through all the dishes which they added and staples on their menu I can’t go without when I visit.
We sat at a large table in the corner of the restaurant towards the sushi bar, I love celebrating around a round table I guess it reminds me of all the large family gatherings we had while I was a little kid.
The restaurant was busy as it was a Saturday night and we wetted our appetite with some drinks while we studied the menu. As well as new dishes Koji has some great new Autumn Cocktails, the pisco sour was a table favourite. All the cocktails have a Peruvian influence however, the chilli and lemongrass martini is still my firm favourite on the menu.
We started with the new salmon tacos, which came bite sized and packed full of fresh salmon. I loved the fresh taco shells and how cute they were, perfect for sharing together.
 The turbot ceviche came beautifully presented and well marinated with lots of chilli and lime.
Then came tuna sashimi and avocado salad with wasabi shoyu dressing, this was a dish that I had not tried before and I could have eaten the whole plate to myself.  The salad was fresh and crisp it went so well with the tuna which was lightly marinated in the dressing. Plus it looked so pretty and appetising on the plate.
The pork and ginger gyoza was pan fried with a crispy bottom and the dumpling skins are so thin and lovely, which goes perfectly with the dipping sauce. Who doesn’t love a dumpling?
The tofu tempura was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and the pieces were a good size.
If you go to Koji you can’t not have the pink prawn tempura, probably one of my favourite dishes on the menu and one I have to have no matter whether I am simply sitting at the bar with friends having a cocktail. It is just too good to ever pass up crispy little prawns covered in sauce is just too good with a glass of wine or a cocktail.
The new dishes on the menu are mainly hot dishes, we started with the squid pasta which was a surprise to us as we didn’t expect the dish to come out as it did. The pasta itself was silky and smooth, and the squid was cooked perfectly however it lacked some sort of sauce or something to link the whole dish together. However, it is a great substantial dish and one which I think would be comforting on cold nights.
The robot grilled black cod which is marinated in miso for 24 hours was really well cooked, I love black cod so much that I thought marinating it in such a strong flavour as miso for such a long time would not do the fish much good. However, the taste was great and it made the piece of fish even more indulgent to eat.
The moro lamb cutlets another new dish on the menu, this is the only lamb dish on the menu, and the meat was well cooked and full of flavour. The dish is served simply with a slightly spicy sauce on the side and some grilled vegetables.
One of the table’s firm favourites of the night was the anti-mucho spicy salmon skewers, cooked fresh pieces of salmon on a skewer with a fresh almost salsa on the top. The sauce highlighted the sweet salmon perfectly and it is my favourite new addition on the menu we tried.
As if you don’t feel spoilt enough when you come to Koji you always have to round off your meal with desert. My firm favourite from the Koji dessert menu was the sake and chocolate truffles, which they bought on a plate surrounding a cheesecake with “Happy Birthday” written on it. I couldn’t have been made to feel more special on the day before my birthday. If you are looking for some dessert, Koji how have a completely new menu which feature a yuzu kosho and bounty lollipops which are just as good trust me!
To round off the meal we decided to go for a night cap, one more pisco sour for the road before I entered my 30s. I couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate with my family, it really was a truly special night. Book a table with lots of people and share the incredible food at Koji, or simply just pop in for a cocktail at their swanky, comfortable bar and grab a small plate or two with a bunch of friends.
I am also happy to announce that Koji are now holding DJ nights on the last Thursday of every month, so it is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, a cocktail and stay dancing until the music stops with DJ Claire Moss as resident on the decks. Thursdays are the new Fridays anyway right? There is always an excuse to celebrate that the weekend is coming.
Littlelaws_Koji_18This festive season if you are thinking of organising a get together with friends or colleagues for a drink or bite to eat then put Koji on your list, I am sure that everyone would be smiling from ear to ear when you leave.
Have you been to Koji before? Let me know what your favourite dish is. What is your favourite place to celebrate in the festive season in London?
For more information about Koji please visit their website and follow them on instagram and twitter for daily updates and temptations.