Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” Exhibition, V & A – London


I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibition at the V & A for months and have been counting down the days till I could go and see it. I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone who is planning to go but I had to share a thought or two on my experience.
Alexander McQueen is a big influence on my fashion career and was a big influence on me and my piers in university. The majority of my fellow students wanted to do fashion purely because of the iconic images, catwalks and pieces which McQueen created. McQueen magically manages to transport people into his every thought and inspiration in all of his collections, in the way the clothes are constructed and shown.  Personally I was completely inspired by the iconic image of Erin O Connor in the red PVC dress with an ostrich feather skirt in his “Voss” collection. This sole image was one of the solidifying reasons I knew I wanted to go into the world of fashion. This image resonates strongly with me as does a lot of McQueen’s work, he makes strong, provoking, timeless imagery.
Littlelaws_McQueen 3
Whether you are not familiar with his work or extremely familiar the V & A have produced an exhibition which is probably one of the best I have ever been to. The curation of each room is magical, from the settings, the way that the pieces are displayed to the sounds which go with each room, everything has been taken into account from the point of the viewer. It encompasses the world of McQueen beautifully with nothing spared. For me personally the exhibition was a roller coaster of emotions and inspiration as room after room you are reminded of the amazing work which McQueen has produced and you just want more. Seeing this iconic dress so close was amazing especially in the one way mirrored box in which it was seen in one of McQueen’s staged catwalk shows. Having the chance to see his garments up close and personal just highlighted the boundaries that he pushed to create pieces, he managed to manipulate fabric to do the most mind bending things.
Littlelaws_McQueen 1
If you have the chance try and get into this one of a kind exhibition and see what this amazing designer gave to us. The whole exhibition is a thing of beauty with an undertone of sadness which I have never experienced in my life. The V & A have surpassed themselves with the curation of this exhibition. Even if like me you have seen photos of the ro it doesn’t even compare to it in the flesh, just like his catwalk shows. We can only imagine what McQueen would have produced now, but all I can say is that I know he would have wowed us and inspired another generation to want to go into the world of fashion and creativity.
The exhibition is on until the 2nd August at the Victoria and Albert museum. For more information go to the website.