Simple, bold, geometric design for the 2016 Serpentine Pavilion


My yearly visit to the Serpentine Summer Pavilion happened the other week as the Serpentine unveiled their simple, bold, geometric pavilion this year designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. I away stay away from any images of it before walking through the park to see it. I love turning the corner round the back of the Serpentine gallery and see whether I can spot the pavilion from afar.
This year I highly recommend that you see the pavilion from a distance as the building appears transparent but the closer you get you can see the bricks and the shape which make up the building.
The structure is simply made of varied widths of fibre glass joined together and used as bricks. This variation of fibre glass widths enables you to see the surroundings through the structure from afar and when you walk up to it you see the fluid shape of the pavilion which plays with the idea of framing the surroundings around it, including the Serpentine gallery building itself.
I love the way that Ingels has manipulated the idea of a brick as a frame to show you what is outside of the structure and how something so angular and geometric becomes so fluid, organic and playful. It is so nice to see people interact so much with the structure by taking photos of each other from the outside in and inside out.
The way that the structure changes as you walk through it and around it, from every angle that you look at it the shadows and angles of light looks so graphical.
I have been back twice in different weather / light and it seems like a completely different structure. This is one of the pavilions which I am intrigued to go and visit more then once, even probably going back on a rainy day would make the pavilion look insanely beautiful.
If you want to spend an afternoon outside then I suggest you go and walk through Hyde Park and see it all for yourself. If it is raining then sit inside, grab a coffee from the cafe and see how the pavilion frames its surroundings, it is a feast for the eyes.
It is the perfect place to do a little bit of people watching and see how people react and interpret this structure in a good or a bad way. I couldn’t help but over hear people thinking that this would make an amazing shoe rack for their homes. That is some shoe collection!
Get yourself down to the Serpentine Gallery no matter what the time or weather, at night they light it beautifully as well. I can’t wait to see the pavilion change with the seasons and I can’t believe that we are lucky enough that this is free and that it is going to be around until October. Get yourself down there, there isn’t any excuse!
 For more information about the Serpentine Pavilion check out the Serpentine Gallery website.
Have you been to the Pavilion? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.